"Official Voice for PSWs in Ontario"

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"Official Voice for PSWs in Ontario"

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2nd Annual PSW Conference.

What a SUCCESSFUL Day! Thank you to all who joined us!

Professional Status.

All OPSWA PSWs are viewed as Professional PSWs. Why? Because we thoroughly check our PSWs yearly and have a Code of Ethics they have to abide by. We also supply them with their very own Scope of Practice and our vast list of Standards of Practice. To be an OPSWA PSW, is to be ahead of your peers, striving for more in the PSW Field. 

Stand Together.

On April 15th, 2015 OPSWA started a province wide petition to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for Regulation of the Personal Support Workers of Ontario. To join in our Stand Please click below.


On April 11th, 2015 OPSWA's President Miranda Ferrier was featured on CTV W5 with Sandie Rinaldo in a series called "Abusive Care". This episode remarked on PSWs and abuse in Long Term Care.

Personal Support Workers are not all bad. At OPSWA we believe in the PSWs of Ontario as we ARE the PSWs of Ontario. Our message is strong and clear - REGULATE the PSWs of Ontario. Protect the Public and Promote the PSWs! We want to be that governing body. We believe that PSWs should govern PSWs.

Miranda worked with W5 on another video showing that there is a good side to PSWs and Care.

To See that video please CLICK HERE - it is entitled:

Personal Support Workers: What to ask somebody on the job.

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